Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I'll be off camping for the next 3-4 days and obviously will not be posting anything. However, I do ask here that you; my followers, leave me suggestions of what current world event you wish for me to cover, or any dishes that you suggest for cooking. In the end I will pick one (or several) when I come back, and blog about it. Thank you!

Gotta' get my outdoor cooking on.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Libyan TurmOIL (Back to business).

Libyan military operations are still in swing of course, and civilian casualties mounting more and more. Just recently, NATO launched another rocket, however when it hit, it destroyed a building with people and children inside. Adults and children both dead, has caused more bad blood as NATO says this was a weapons malfunction. However this is not the first 'malfunction' as it is one of three that NATO openly admitted. Looking at statistics, when Qaddafi was suppressing rebel uprisings, less people were killed in those events, than the people killed with the help of NATO's military intervention. Ironically, the policy by which NATO goes by in Libya is that they want to defend civilian lives at all costs, while at the same time helping the rebels who's intentions (other than removing Qaddafi from the head of state) are quite unclear, and some even claimed them of being linked with terrorist organizations. Many people are blaming the intervening countries in Libya as just being in it for oil and profits. I see this as somewhat true, because after the mass destruction of Libyan cities and infrastructure, I can see large loans being given out to the new Libyan government to reconstruct everything, while paying back with oil for cheap prices, or even letting the USA set up a military base there 'just to help with stability'. My own views on the war was that if Qaddafi is to step down, it should have been slowly, and gradual, as long as no fighting was to occur. And, also see who it is that will take over his place and rule to the post-revolutionary Libyan state.

"The one ring to rule them all."

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More Cookin'.

This made yesterday, its a cut up sirloin steak, slightly rolled in flour, and fried in a bit of olive oil, and then simmered in pink wine with garlic and rosemary. The red pepper is just for the looks, as I needed something bright and pretty on top of the pile of cooked meat for colour contrast.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I know nobody on this blog of mine knows but I am very fond of cooking, I in fact, over the past year made many very delicious dishes that I have pictures of for all to see. However, I am hear to ask only of one thing. Link me a recipe, I shall look at it, and in the end choose one. Likely, even post a picture of what I made after I chose a recipe you posted. Thank you, and enjoy all that I have here to show.

If you have questions on what they are, and how make them, leave a comment and I shall reply as soon as I can.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

For shame.

In Vancouver, after the victory of the Bruins for the Stanley cup (as said in my blog post before this), a massive riot broke out from some Vancouver Canuck fans. I thought to myself prior to the games outcome that an event like this would have broken out, and I was right. Some horrible stuff happened; 3-5 cars were torched, and some say that is only how many cars were visible from the news building, and apparently 9 stabbings occurred where Boston fans were targeted. Someone even jumped off an overpass and broke their leg(s), maybe died later. Anyways, the events following were horrific, and now the sum for the clean up is said to stand up to 2 million dollars CAN. If you want to see footage of this riot, I have a video linked right here. I like the point brought up by someone who has one of the highest rated comment where people around the world are rioting over basic civil and human rights, while these idiots are trashing their own city over a game.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stanley Cup.

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins on defeating the Vancouver Canucks! I was watching the game and expecting something more of a close game that a 4-0 shut out. I'm glad that Boston wins; they deserve it. I like their team a great deal, the players cooperate well, and in the end pulled through with an amazing victory. The Canucks on the other hand got crushed, and their goalie should be in shame. Luongo (Vancouver goalie) is nothing compared to the skill that Tim Thomas (Boston goalie) brings to the table, and with that, Vancouver was taken out. 

"Whats the time in Boston?" "Twelve past Luongo."

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Summer is upon us, but the dread of exams is in the way. Exams, and tests in schools I see as quite pointless. If a teacher is to know your understanding of subjects, I think it should come from within the class discussions and homework of sorts. Test make students anxious, and worried, which is never good. It promotes almost like a dislike for a subject or for education in general which will cripple the learning process.
In my view, tests and every exam should be taken away, and students should not have to worry about them, and not worry for any hardcore studying required to pass, or particularly to excel. If the exams and tests are gone, the students should be more willing to learn, and shall see education more as a liberation of the mind than a labour. 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Something to lighten the mood.

I need to take a tiny break from these political and social issues for a bit, so I wanted to share some music that I just like and found recently. One of these songs (Microlite) has quickly become one of my favourite, and I found it on another blog called "Faun Finds Music". The other my friend showed (Pumped Up Kicks) at a get-together with other people, and the last (Paint it Black) is just something I bring up from older times. Oh, and then there is also "The Suburbs"; another favourite, which the same friend showed me a while back.  > Microlite. > Pumped Up Kicks. > Paint it Black. > The Suburbs.

Friday, 3 June 2011


My older post "What is this; China?" was on the topic of a particular building being built in Vancouver for the dying elderly, but the project was canceled due to the protests led by the Chinese community, but things have changed!
This project was said to continue being built now, and the project should go under construction some time soon. However the protesters have not ceased their efforts. The main argument by the Chinese is that this house is against the Chinese morality and should not be built, as its for the dying elderly, and they claim this is building will degrade our value for a human life. If anything, I think its the opposite, and that we are taking time and resources to create a nice place for the elderly to spend their last moments on Earth.
Anyways, I am happy the construction will be underway and that the Chinese will not get their way because of our cultural differences, because this is Canada, and not China.