Sunday, 19 June 2011


I know nobody on this blog of mine knows but I am very fond of cooking, I in fact, over the past year made many very delicious dishes that I have pictures of for all to see. However, I am hear to ask only of one thing. Link me a recipe, I shall look at it, and in the end choose one. Likely, even post a picture of what I made after I chose a recipe you posted. Thank you, and enjoy all that I have here to show.

If you have questions on what they are, and how make them, leave a comment and I shall reply as soon as I can.


  1. These pictures are making me hungry and I'm starving! Brb going to eat dinner haha

  2. These pics are sooo yummy looking!

  3. i hate you for making me hungry right now!!!!

  4. Looks like you're good at photography as well as cooking. Wonderful pictures and very yummy looking food!