Tuesday, 31 May 2011



This is a movie from the Zeitgeist series of films that have been criticizing todays society, its progress, where its headed, and now, have presented us the 'Venus Project'. This is a project to re-created society, and the world into a new golden age, for the human race to live in without countries, corporations, religion, money, and no government. The idea is simple: everything humanity that has to be grateful for came from technology, not governments, not money, and not religion, so let technology flourish at full speed without crippling.

Another key note the movie hits upon is how money is a source of practically every crime, and insists on eliminating the principle of monetary profit, to abolish all the problems it brings to the world. (I agree with this).

Although this film for me may be going too far with the idea of the Venus Project, I see it as the right way to begin looking at humanity, our earth, and the future of it all.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HAMAS and FATAH meet in Russia.

   HAMAS and FATAH both met in Russia this week. HAMAS is an infamous organization fighting against Israel to help the oppressed Palestinian population. For this, HAMAS was marked as a terrorist organization for several aggressions against Israel in countries such as Israel itself, the U.S. , Canada, and even Japan apparently. However, not every country recognizes them as terrorists. I am not sure about FATAHs past, but I believe they too are linked to 'terrorist' acts by fighting the Zionist regime in the middle east. When both organizations met in Russia this week, Russia said it would back the position of a new Palestinian state emerging. Personally, I do not know what to think of this. Either Russia wants to itself install a puppet state, and stick it to the U.S. or whether they are looking for new business opportunities within the business sect of war corporatism should a legitimate conflict erupt once more on a grand scale. Myself, I am for a new Palestinian government as I see these people abused, tortured, killed, and discriminated against by the Israel government who treats this people as second class citizens. I have watched many news reports where Israeli troops stormed houses of the Palestinians, and murdering civilians, as well as Palestinian homes being destroyed to be remade into new ones for Israelis. But the largest atrocity I have yet seen by them was when Gaza was walled off and the people would live in utter poverty, at the hands of the government.  

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nope. No rapture here.

As we can see the faithful christians are still here, the zombies promised to us aren't out of the graves, and an earthquake never hit. Let me just leave this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9KlMWzKj4s&feature=feedlik

Friday, 20 May 2011


Another prediction for the rapture has been proposed by a christian radio broadcaster by the name of 'Harold Camping'. As if people had nothing better to do, particularly religious ones, they try and push their brain damaged beliefs on others, and this time, its another story of the rapture. However this guy had another prediction before this one, set in 1994, but I guess that never happened so he made a brand new one set for tomorrow (or today, depending where you live). Now don't get this confused for the end of the world, which he claims will happen on October 21, but a rapture, where, unquestionably, Harold is claiming a massive earthquake will hit, opening every grave, and those faithful to Jesus will be resurrected to ascend into heaven with everyone else thats faithful. However every non-believer will be left behind suffering through 153 days of pain, and torture, and everyday another million or two dying, until mid October. Now not every christian believes this, but the handful who do are just waiting right now waiting to meet Jesus. I wonder how big of a disappointment it will be for them when time runs out, and nothing happens. Thats why I don't bother kidding myself with fairy tales and stick to something more rational like atheism: "a non-prophet organization".

Now just to troll, some people will be leaving left over clothing like this behind. Just to mess with people.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

What is this; China?

   In the western coast of Canada, a large city named Vancouver, several months ago, has gone through a very strange event after the Chinese community stopped the construction of a building, which they deemed immoral.
In Vancouver, a particular construction project was planned, and it called on to make a house for the dying elderly. It would simply act as the place made for the passing away of old folks, which I think is a reasonable construction project. However, in the midst of this, Vancouver's ethnic majority (the Chinese) spoke out against the house claiming that its purpose is demeaning to humanities worth. I don't understand their reasoning, in fact the same reasoning can be used for the house, seeing as its built for the dying to make it an easier experience for them. I myself was quite angry with this, because the construction was cancelled after some protests and petitions. Another thing, which the Chinese did was bring in an expert of Chinese customs and traditions, who helped speak out against this project, in the end, having it scrapped.
  Is this China? Why would we care what is accustomed in China? As far as I understand this is Canada. And just because the majority of the populace in the city is Chinese, should not mean they get their way, simply because its not the way they do it back home.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On the seat-less parties

   Other than the parties in parliament, we should not forget the many other federal parties who do not even have seats, and I looked it into it, and found quite the lot of them, and for many, if not all of them, I am not surprised as to why they have no seats in the parliament at all, and probably never will.

The first on the list, is the 'Christian Heritage Party of Canada'. As the name implies, they are Christians who are coo-coo for Jesus. I am happy this party has no seats, and I hope it dissolves over time because state and religion should never mix together, So let Bill Maher's quote from his movie 'Religulous' end my thought on these people; "The hour is getting very late to be able to indulge in having key decisions made by religious people - by irrationalists - by those who would steer the ship of state, not by a compass, but by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken." 

   CHPoC leader: Jim Hnatiuk.

Next, the 'Communist Party of Canada', However do not confuse them with the other communist party. Apparently, they are actually the oldest federal Canadian political party, other than our Liberal friends, but I see this as no surprise as they were founded in the early 1920's after the Russian revolution took place. Again, self explanatory, they are a communist party, and want communism to flourish in Canada. Their main political ideas are to equalize rights for everyone, taxing the richer, and increasing workers rights and wages. Personally, I like communism, but humans aren't compatible with it.

   CPoC leader: Miguel Figueroa

Here is another party; 'First Peoples National Party of Canada' is a nationalist party that is strongly pro-Indian  , and I seriously disagree with this party, as they demand even more privileges for the natives, although they did not have enough already. In Canada, the natives receive no taxes, free homing, and government welfare whether or not they have a job. I find this shameful and in fact the sole reason(s) for the large amounts of Native Americans being involved in crime, especially the youth. If I were in charge, I would begin taking away make their privileges to make them equal with the rest, and watch as their crime rates decline once they start working.

   FPNPoC leader: Will Morin

As stated by themselves; the 'Rhinoceros Party' is a mock party of trolls. I am not sure of their policies, but I remember my social studies teacher mentioning them wanting to make chocolate fountains on the streets and all kind of fun stuff. My knowledge of their ideas are quite shady, but I just want to point out we even have a party like that in our country.

   Rhino Party leader:  Fran├žois Gourd (Sorry no picture)

   Last on the list is the 'Marijuana Party', who's one main goal is to legalize pot for smoking out and about. Sure people still do it but it counts as illegal. Now personally I do agree with the policy to legalize weed because then its production will be taken over and sold like normal cigarettes, instead of 10$ a gram. This way, weed will no longer be sold on the streets so drug dealers will go bust due to new prices, and less kids will have access to it. Now despite agreeing with this idea of legal weed, I don't want to waste my vote on them, as other parties like the NDP want this as well.

 Marijuana Party leader: Blair Longley

   Of course these are not all the parties without seats in Canada, but I think I may continue this post another day. I just thought it would be nice to shed some light on the less known parties of Canada today, other than just focusing on the prominent big players in parliament (Except the green party).

Saturday, 7 May 2011

On the Bloc Quebecois

   Led by Gilles Duceppe, the Bloc Quebecois leader, was in charge of this separatist movement that is planning to have the province of Quebec become independent, however he shortly quit after the election because him and  his party failed terribly; losing almost all their seats.
 Pre-election, the Bloc had 49 seats, and fell down to an incredible 4. After many years, the Bloc failed to gain independence for Quebec, and I assume the people just got tired of their constant tantrums calling on for separation. Almost all their seats were taken over by the NDP, which steamrolled their party, having Quebec become practically an all NDP province.
The Bloc Quebecois in fact, can never win government, because they run in Quebec only which has 75 ridings in total, and that is not enough to form any government. Their job really is, to complain and draw attention to Quebec. However, none the less, I am glad their nationalist zeal will hopefully be stomped out by their defeat.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

On the Green Party

   The Green Party won a single seat this election, which came from the 'Saanchi-Gulf islands' riding, a very pro-environment population of people, many being hippies. The party is led by Elizabeth May. The main idea of the Green Party is increase environmental standards by spending atrocious sums of money on it, tax 'polluters', decrease payroll and reduced income tax, plus other pro-environmental acts.
   I really dislike this party, and I do not understand if they are serious about their stances on politics or trying to troll us (Like the Rhinoceros party). Assuming they somehow win more ridings, let alone a majority government, their inexperience will drive people deep into the floor with all their policies, and their unrefined and incomplete economic ideas; why? Because they do not have an economic plan, and prioritize nature above all. I am not saying nature and ecological progressions are not important, but it is not something that is a key issue at the moment that must have that great of a priority in our politics.

 Leader of the Green Party: Elizabeth May.

On the Conservatives

The Conservative party of Canada has been in the lead for many years, and once again they won. Their victory this year was unique as it was the one that won them a majority government; such a government has not been in existence for many years now.

[Those unfamiliar with politics here, the way it works is there are parties, each with a leader, and with other candidates (who become MPs, or Members of Parliament) who won in their ridings (A riding is a sector determined by population size where a candidate of a party can be elected, and if elected, they head to the capital and grab a seat in the parliament). There are 308 seats, and winning 155 seats means you win a majority, and that means your party cannot be out-voted by other parties (even when combined) on passing certain bills/tax cuts etc.]

   Perhaps not the greatest party there is, but one that brought economic stability, and will continue to because now they get their way with a majority. Stephen Harper is described as bully at times, as during his election he liked to practically say 'Don't vote for me, and country will see collapse, etc.' and quite hostile in his speeches. The Conservatives are a center-right party who support progression of big businesses and corporations. I like this because since the majority of the labourers and workers are under corporations, and now with lower taxes for corporations, big business will expand, and more jobs will come with it. However on the contrary, the Conservatives cut spendings, meaning less money for various social programs, yet keeping the taxes not too high for the population because of this. The Conservatives bring with them ups and downs, and seem to be the most competent for now, before somebody else steps to power; fit to lead.

Conservative leader: Stephen Harper.

On the Liberals

The Liberals crashed and burned this election after having Michael Ignatieff as their leader. This man is quite the work of art. He is the most incompetent leader I have even seen in this election, almost as bad as Elizabeth May (Green Party leader). Mr.Ignatieff, after his terrible success in the election , luckily, resigned from office the following day. A move in the right way for the Liberals.
   Before, when the Liberals were leading the country, were the good old days of Paul Martin, and Jean Chretien. The Liberals were great back then, and had a reason to be proud. However, unfortunately, when Stephane Dion took over, the decline began and everything went down hill.
   The Liberals themselves, as a party, are a center to center-left party, trying to be a balance between the pro-economy and corporate Conservatives (Led by Stephen Harper) and the socialist NDP (Led by the NDP). However lately they suffer a problem where they lost their place, and only critique other parties, but rarely promote their own stand on politics. Im actually happy that their party failed, because this corners the Liberals into choosing a competent leader to take them out of their dark ages.

Michael Ignatieff. Leave. And never come back.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

On the NDP

Out of all the parties, both the NDP (New Democrat Party) and the Tories (Better known as Conservatives) have won a great deal of seats this election, but I today I will focus my views on the NDP. Their leader; Jack Layton, is by far my favourite leader this election and the ones before, aside from the old Liberal leaders. I agree with many of his parties policies and I like them very much, however it comes into question when we bring up their political experience. The NDP, when they were in power have been responsible for job loss, and the declining of big business. One of the NDP policies is to increase tax on corporations, and because of that, big business moves out and begins firing and laying off workers, creating many jobless people. 
This is no doubt the largest flaw of the NDP, and unless they stop increasing taxes on big business, I really doubt I shall ever give my vote for them. On the positive side, they provide the largest opposition to the Tories, which is good, seeing as it should counter-balance the pro-corporation Conservatives.

NDP leader: Jack Layton.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Elections in Canada have just been done, and the Conservative (Pro-corporation, center-right wing party) have won a majority government. The NDP (Pro-spending, center-left wing party) have trailed in second jumping from something of 30 seats in parliament to more than 100. Liberals on the other hand, who are led by Michael Ignatieff  have reached an all time low in political history; falling from around 100+ seats, to somewhere around 30. Then there is the Bloc Q. who are a separatist regime in Quebec, wanting it to become an independent country. They are interesting because over 1 election, they went from 49 seats, to 3-4 after the NDP dealt a killing blow to their party. Finally, the Green party won 1 seat in parliament, and if you voted for them, I question your mental being. 
 I did not describe the Liberal party because they are nothing note-worthy other than being 'shit stuck in the drain' where they are uncertain of their position in all this, and only criticize the Conservatives for being a 'dictatorial' party, and having a 'secret agenda'. Of course, this is true in a sense, but it never gave anyone any reason to vote Liberal; and that is why they crashed and burned. Luckily; Michael Ignatieff resigned later that day. I found it humorous how Mr.Ignatieff commented "I shall serve me country as long as it wants me to" and quit his job the following day. 
Out of all the parties, I voted Conservative. Not because I particularly love their policies, but because if they would a majority government (as they did) they would gloat to the Liberals who would need drastic reform after the epic fail Mr.Ignatieff led them to, and hopefully get back a leader who is actually capable of listening to people, doing what they want, and serving the countries prime interests, and upholding a balanced economy. My final wish is that the Liberals will get Paul Martin back, who was a peoples man, but had to resign after a scandal over him owning a company and people thinking he will use his Prime Minister status to benefit the company; ... Which he never did! Should the Liberals get Paul Martin back on board, my vote goes to them! 

(Paul Martin)

Loud Pipes

I must say its time for, ... some 'Loud Pipes'.


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nicolas Cage.

       Nicolas Cage is a well familiar actor, and we all know of  his great movies. Nicolas, in fact,  also has bees in eyes, as stated in his hit movie 'The Wicker man'. Here is a montage of all his incredible works. I was inspired.


The bees are a beautiful species.
They are in our eyes.
Please inform yourselves on this issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIvHVIMAEks&feature=related