Wednesday, 4 May 2011

On the NDP

Out of all the parties, both the NDP (New Democrat Party) and the Tories (Better known as Conservatives) have won a great deal of seats this election, but I today I will focus my views on the NDP. Their leader; Jack Layton, is by far my favourite leader this election and the ones before, aside from the old Liberal leaders. I agree with many of his parties policies and I like them very much, however it comes into question when we bring up their political experience. The NDP, when they were in power have been responsible for job loss, and the declining of big business. One of the NDP policies is to increase tax on corporations, and because of that, big business moves out and begins firing and laying off workers, creating many jobless people. 
This is no doubt the largest flaw of the NDP, and unless they stop increasing taxes on big business, I really doubt I shall ever give my vote for them. On the positive side, they provide the largest opposition to the Tories, which is good, seeing as it should counter-balance the pro-corporation Conservatives.

NDP leader: Jack Layton.

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