Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Elections in Canada have just been done, and the Conservative (Pro-corporation, center-right wing party) have won a majority government. The NDP (Pro-spending, center-left wing party) have trailed in second jumping from something of 30 seats in parliament to more than 100. Liberals on the other hand, who are led by Michael Ignatieff  have reached an all time low in political history; falling from around 100+ seats, to somewhere around 30. Then there is the Bloc Q. who are a separatist regime in Quebec, wanting it to become an independent country. They are interesting because over 1 election, they went from 49 seats, to 3-4 after the NDP dealt a killing blow to their party. Finally, the Green party won 1 seat in parliament, and if you voted for them, I question your mental being. 
 I did not describe the Liberal party because they are nothing note-worthy other than being 'shit stuck in the drain' where they are uncertain of their position in all this, and only criticize the Conservatives for being a 'dictatorial' party, and having a 'secret agenda'. Of course, this is true in a sense, but it never gave anyone any reason to vote Liberal; and that is why they crashed and burned. Luckily; Michael Ignatieff resigned later that day. I found it humorous how Mr.Ignatieff commented "I shall serve me country as long as it wants me to" and quit his job the following day. 
Out of all the parties, I voted Conservative. Not because I particularly love their policies, but because if they would a majority government (as they did) they would gloat to the Liberals who would need drastic reform after the epic fail Mr.Ignatieff led them to, and hopefully get back a leader who is actually capable of listening to people, doing what they want, and serving the countries prime interests, and upholding a balanced economy. My final wish is that the Liberals will get Paul Martin back, who was a peoples man, but had to resign after a scandal over him owning a company and people thinking he will use his Prime Minister status to benefit the company; ... Which he never did! Should the Liberals get Paul Martin back on board, my vote goes to them! 

(Paul Martin)


  1. Great article. I wasn't sure what was going on until I read this. Thanks for posting! :)

  2. i'm happy that i'm informed now!

  3. Get Paul Martin back in!