Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On the seat-less parties

   Other than the parties in parliament, we should not forget the many other federal parties who do not even have seats, and I looked it into it, and found quite the lot of them, and for many, if not all of them, I am not surprised as to why they have no seats in the parliament at all, and probably never will.

The first on the list, is the 'Christian Heritage Party of Canada'. As the name implies, they are Christians who are coo-coo for Jesus. I am happy this party has no seats, and I hope it dissolves over time because state and religion should never mix together, So let Bill Maher's quote from his movie 'Religulous' end my thought on these people; "The hour is getting very late to be able to indulge in having key decisions made by religious people - by irrationalists - by those who would steer the ship of state, not by a compass, but by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken." 

   CHPoC leader: Jim Hnatiuk.

Next, the 'Communist Party of Canada', However do not confuse them with the other communist party. Apparently, they are actually the oldest federal Canadian political party, other than our Liberal friends, but I see this as no surprise as they were founded in the early 1920's after the Russian revolution took place. Again, self explanatory, they are a communist party, and want communism to flourish in Canada. Their main political ideas are to equalize rights for everyone, taxing the richer, and increasing workers rights and wages. Personally, I like communism, but humans aren't compatible with it.

   CPoC leader: Miguel Figueroa

Here is another party; 'First Peoples National Party of Canada' is a nationalist party that is strongly pro-Indian  , and I seriously disagree with this party, as they demand even more privileges for the natives, although they did not have enough already. In Canada, the natives receive no taxes, free homing, and government welfare whether or not they have a job. I find this shameful and in fact the sole reason(s) for the large amounts of Native Americans being involved in crime, especially the youth. If I were in charge, I would begin taking away make their privileges to make them equal with the rest, and watch as their crime rates decline once they start working.

   FPNPoC leader: Will Morin

As stated by themselves; the 'Rhinoceros Party' is a mock party of trolls. I am not sure of their policies, but I remember my social studies teacher mentioning them wanting to make chocolate fountains on the streets and all kind of fun stuff. My knowledge of their ideas are quite shady, but I just want to point out we even have a party like that in our country.

   Rhino Party leader:  François Gourd (Sorry no picture)

   Last on the list is the 'Marijuana Party', who's one main goal is to legalize pot for smoking out and about. Sure people still do it but it counts as illegal. Now personally I do agree with the policy to legalize weed because then its production will be taken over and sold like normal cigarettes, instead of 10$ a gram. This way, weed will no longer be sold on the streets so drug dealers will go bust due to new prices, and less kids will have access to it. Now despite agreeing with this idea of legal weed, I don't want to waste my vote on them, as other parties like the NDP want this as well.

 Marijuana Party leader: Blair Longley

   Of course these are not all the parties without seats in Canada, but I think I may continue this post another day. I just thought it would be nice to shed some light on the less known parties of Canada today, other than just focusing on the prominent big players in parliament (Except the green party).