Thursday, 5 May 2011

On the Liberals

The Liberals crashed and burned this election after having Michael Ignatieff as their leader. This man is quite the work of art. He is the most incompetent leader I have even seen in this election, almost as bad as Elizabeth May (Green Party leader). Mr.Ignatieff, after his terrible success in the election , luckily, resigned from office the following day. A move in the right way for the Liberals.
   Before, when the Liberals were leading the country, were the good old days of Paul Martin, and Jean Chretien. The Liberals were great back then, and had a reason to be proud. However, unfortunately, when Stephane Dion took over, the decline began and everything went down hill.
   The Liberals themselves, as a party, are a center to center-left party, trying to be a balance between the pro-economy and corporate Conservatives (Led by Stephen Harper) and the socialist NDP (Led by the NDP). However lately they suffer a problem where they lost their place, and only critique other parties, but rarely promote their own stand on politics. Im actually happy that their party failed, because this corners the Liberals into choosing a competent leader to take them out of their dark ages.

Michael Ignatieff. Leave. And never come back.

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  1. Not much of a politics follower, but i'm glad that Ignatieff stood down. Definitely a move in the right direction