Thursday, 5 May 2011

On the Conservatives

The Conservative party of Canada has been in the lead for many years, and once again they won. Their victory this year was unique as it was the one that won them a majority government; such a government has not been in existence for many years now.

[Those unfamiliar with politics here, the way it works is there are parties, each with a leader, and with other candidates (who become MPs, or Members of Parliament) who won in their ridings (A riding is a sector determined by population size where a candidate of a party can be elected, and if elected, they head to the capital and grab a seat in the parliament). There are 308 seats, and winning 155 seats means you win a majority, and that means your party cannot be out-voted by other parties (even when combined) on passing certain bills/tax cuts etc.]

   Perhaps not the greatest party there is, but one that brought economic stability, and will continue to because now they get their way with a majority. Stephen Harper is described as bully at times, as during his election he liked to practically say 'Don't vote for me, and country will see collapse, etc.' and quite hostile in his speeches. The Conservatives are a center-right party who support progression of big businesses and corporations. I like this because since the majority of the labourers and workers are under corporations, and now with lower taxes for corporations, big business will expand, and more jobs will come with it. However on the contrary, the Conservatives cut spendings, meaning less money for various social programs, yet keeping the taxes not too high for the population because of this. The Conservatives bring with them ups and downs, and seem to be the most competent for now, before somebody else steps to power; fit to lead.

Conservative leader: Stephen Harper.

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