Saturday, 14 May 2011

What is this; China?

   In the western coast of Canada, a large city named Vancouver, several months ago, has gone through a very strange event after the Chinese community stopped the construction of a building, which they deemed immoral.
In Vancouver, a particular construction project was planned, and it called on to make a house for the dying elderly. It would simply act as the place made for the passing away of old folks, which I think is a reasonable construction project. However, in the midst of this, Vancouver's ethnic majority (the Chinese) spoke out against the house claiming that its purpose is demeaning to humanities worth. I don't understand their reasoning, in fact the same reasoning can be used for the house, seeing as its built for the dying to make it an easier experience for them. I myself was quite angry with this, because the construction was cancelled after some protests and petitions. Another thing, which the Chinese did was bring in an expert of Chinese customs and traditions, who helped speak out against this project, in the end, having it scrapped.
  Is this China? Why would we care what is accustomed in China? As far as I understand this is Canada. And just because the majority of the populace in the city is Chinese, should not mean they get their way, simply because its not the way they do it back home.


  1. It is the government's option to stop or continue the construction. Although, the protests and petitions might played a role in the official's opinion.

  2. Interesting topic. I also wasn't aware of the population of Chinese living in the area.