Thursday, 5 May 2011

On the Green Party

   The Green Party won a single seat this election, which came from the 'Saanchi-Gulf islands' riding, a very pro-environment population of people, many being hippies. The party is led by Elizabeth May. The main idea of the Green Party is increase environmental standards by spending atrocious sums of money on it, tax 'polluters', decrease payroll and reduced income tax, plus other pro-environmental acts.
   I really dislike this party, and I do not understand if they are serious about their stances on politics or trying to troll us (Like the Rhinoceros party). Assuming they somehow win more ridings, let alone a majority government, their inexperience will drive people deep into the floor with all their policies, and their unrefined and incomplete economic ideas; why? Because they do not have an economic plan, and prioritize nature above all. I am not saying nature and ecological progressions are not important, but it is not something that is a key issue at the moment that must have that great of a priority in our politics.

 Leader of the Green Party: Elizabeth May.


  1. interesting and informative, good read

    cool blog, followed :)

  2. I've always been aware of the green party I'm just sad that not a lot of people support it.

  3. Thats good that they don't, because the Green party is brain damaged.

  4. The green party may mean well, but they would mess things up for us...